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The Winter that Never Leaves
the absence of the rain.
No cleansing forgiveness,
to purify me again.
they cover all that I love.
Breaking backs and bones,
driving away the doves.
And what if this winter doesn't end?
What if I never shake this pain?
I'm sick of waiting for love to never find me,
I'm sick of the winter that never leaves.
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The anchor holds strong,
Engulfed by the ocean depths
It is a savior
:iconnumericvalueofaheart:numericvalueofaheart 2 3
I'm tired of their lies,
tired of these unhealthy assumptions
it's a lesson in disguise
political corruption
this world's crying out for change
these girls are crying out in pain
and the cuts on their wrists are just the evidence
that this can't possibly be the way
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As the Blind Man Sees It
There was a time when you said forever,
And forever meant more than a season.
When leaves suspended themselves in a trance,
And your eyes were open.
There was a time when you weren't so tragic,
When loving you was a virtue and no vice,
When good was bad and bad was young and reckless,
When your eyes were open.
But time is no longer still, and it sprints forward towards ends,
Beginnings mean nothing in a race that you can't remember.
Empty is your hourglass
You have no memory of the seasons we spent together,
Tell me my love,
Can you see what I see?
:iconnumericvalueofaheart:numericvalueofaheart 6 2
Lost in the Music
My guitar and I resonating sounds so beautiful,
for young ears and old thoughts to be united by.
Words inspired by the darkest of moments,
arranged to inspire moments to become yesterdays.
This sound is the ever-dying therapy,
the unexplained phenomenon becoming part of me.
I can't describe the charts or the sound of the radio,
but someday you'll hear the truth coming through stereo.
So turn up the volume on this revolution,
purpose and connection between the fan and the artist.
Without memories this music would not be,
and without this music the memories would persist.
The music is what makes lonely nights so personal,
and the music is what makes personal moments less lonely.
:iconnumericvalueofaheart:numericvalueofaheart 3 2
My Concious Worry
Anxiety, love.
It's a vice, but one that I can't cure.
I worry, hun.
That one day I'll be dying with regrets.
If I close my eyes,
and open them.
Will I be looking at my deathbed?
If I whisper,
to quiet for you to hear,
will I die with those whispers in my head?
It's insane, and I know it.
Insane, it's showing.
These worries, growing.
and one day I'll die with my many regrets.
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dA  ID by numericvalueofaheart dA ID :iconnumericvalueofaheart:numericvalueofaheart 1 10
Cold Hearted
There was a day, a long time ago, that I was popular, loved and thrived on the attention that I got. There was a time that I was like everyone else. There was a time that I believed in love, and let myself fall full heartedly in love with a maiden I met. But like everyone else I fell into a self-repeating cliché. That's what's wrong with today's society: the amount of broken hearts walking around in corpses. Alcohol, drugs, and paid for lovers are solutions best served to cold veins, and darling my veins are like ice in December. My skin will feel like freshly fallen snow to your eyes but will feel like a blizzard to your skin. That's the danger of being too close to me, the frostbite on your fingers from trying to take my heart. My lips are the greatest liars you'll ever kiss, and my mouth is the most truthful son of a bitch to walk on the planet. It's a paradox, and I know it, and thus insanity is all that I dream about. You think that's hard on the body? Try having no one to ev
:iconnumericvalueofaheart:numericvalueofaheart 3 6
The Reaper
So full of twisted deceit;
the nights are now cold and dim.
Full of infectious disease,
and tricks up the sleeve of his skin.
With eyes like the eclipse,
and a castle made out of the ocean's sand,
his truth is disguised by silence,
and closed doors hide the work of his hand.
Trickery and treachery are his virtue;
absent of guilt, pain, or vice.
With the tongue of his brother the devil,
A fork sharpened to feel like a knife.
He lures with speeches and promise,
and uses vice to weaken us foe.
We all dream of the day that we're taken,
and all pray to avoid where he'll go.
Every day the Reaper is there.
Every day I pass by the Reaper.
:iconnumericvalueofaheart:numericvalueofaheart 2 5
Those Without Faces
If our eyes tell our secrets,
And our lips spread our lies,
What then is honesty,
but the truth in disguise?
If our hearts bleed out pain,
And our hands pump in drugs,
What are pills and needles,
But something never enough?
If power is control,
and weakness is defeat,
what is society,
but never ending retreat?
And if we are so mighty,
Why then do we all fall?
Victim to innocence,
We create and lose all.
We are the society of uncertainty and deceit,
Those without faces or hearts to wash us clean.
:iconnumericvalueofaheart:numericvalueofaheart 6 2
Beginning of the Finish Line
The Beginning of the Finish Line Never Seemed So Close
Is this a darkened day, or are my eyes seeing in black and white?
Bad luck seems to follow me, darling.
Smile that beautiful smile, because each day brings you closer to getting away.
No four leaf clover in the world could keep you safe if you chose to stay.
I know you think that this is all you've ever known,
But there lies all that you have yet to learn.
Consider us your vanquished foes, your stepping stones,
All leading you towards the place you've been going all along.
Shine on in the shade,
Don't let that smile fade.
Hold true and stand strong, the world will only try and knock you down.
Believe in your beliefs,
Stand awed by the changing leaves,
Understand that this is not the end, and learn how to once again begin.
Can you believe that this is where things have ended up?
This world is a twisted world, my dear.
Seams are torn apart by each twist and turn locked into this road we travel.
Drive on into the world without me,
:iconnumericvalueofaheart:numericvalueofaheart 4 6
My Abandonment
Alas, dearest Alexandria
My confidence has been constructed by the master architect.
A tower of heights allows me to take a leap as such,
God knows if I'll be back to see you soon.
What sorrow lies upon thy face?
Grey skies may match the gloom that I see in your eyes.
Blue is but absent in gazes as painful as the needles you use,
For colour is redundant in the face of disbelief.
I must admit that in my moment of courage,
Your face is not all that I keep in mind.
Under an umbrella you stand in the rain and tears,
While under nature I gaze upon my father's work with a smile.
It's the difference between you and me, Alexandria.
One which I hope that gentle face sees before scarred.
If you see not the patterns of the waves,
Then surely you are too blind to see the expressions of my solemn face.
Cast not away the memories of me,
For such misery is not a necessity on this night.
Think of this not as sorrow but as joy,
Place a smile on that face; tonight I leave with our problems on my boat.
:iconnumericvalueofaheart:numericvalueofaheart 3 4
Cemetery of the Lovely
Keep an eye open for me at the end of your walk,
For my gravestone lays at the end of the path you tread.
I can hear your footsteps from here through the concrete slabs,
For no foot is placed as lightly upon earth as that of an angel.
As you walk through trees and shrubs of wicked and blood,
Remember the sacrifices that were made along the way.
Remember the comfort that you once felt in my arms;
The sincerity that I spoke to you in your dreams.
I was everything that you walked towards in your life,
And in death I still possess your many thoughts.
Haunting your every move and every action,
For pleasant dreams are susceptible to misery's company.
Upon fallen darkness keep your blind eyes open,
For the chance to hear the truth from behind your own lips.
Contradict what your conscious keeps, to it, substantial.
And build up an army based on false pretence.
A subconscious war between every angle and every possibility,
It's almost as though you walk towards aimlessness in its whole.
At the e
:iconnumericvalueofaheart:numericvalueofaheart 3 20
Roses at your Gravestone
Look at the pretty grave stone.
Laying still in the pouring rain.
Your name looks so filled with life,
stretching carved from side to side.
I stand here with a black rose bouquet in my hand,
ready to throw it to your feet.
Six feet underneath the earth I stand upon,
how do they smell, my dear?
Roses would be so beautiful,
if you were here to dance with me,
in the rain the way we used to.
but there's no going back from here.
If I could bring you back up to sea level to be with me,
I would have gone to all ends and alchemy.
Any magic trick or prayer that I could pray,
it all would have escaped my lips long ago.
But this is how we'll spend forever,
six feet apart on this night.
The roses will lay at your feet to die,
and I'll leave knowing that I could have never left your side.
:iconnumericvalueofaheart:numericvalueofaheart 3 0
Your Night to Remember
Take a look at the constalations,
dance around below the stars.
Lose yourself to the mind of a child,
dream big or it's time to go home.
The daylight will come again,
as it always has before.
The real world is calling you back,
Sunrise will mark the end.
So this night is all you have,
the beautiful stillness in the air.
This will be everything you remember,
the only thing you don't want to forget.
The world is a dark place,
far more dark than a night like this.
Picture no more moon and no more stars,
and your imagined hell is still so very far.
Enjoy the dark before the dawn,
and let your imagination run wild with exploration.
Go to the ends of the earth within your mind,
don't let reality stop you this time.
The sun consumes the moon,
sunrise breaks the stillness in the air.
Buisness men and women are walking to their cars,
it's just another nine-to-five.
They don't know what you have done,
or what your dreams truly are.
Your aspirations to them are nothing,
but they're imortalized by
:iconnumericvalueofaheart:numericvalueofaheart 2 11
Murderer's Motive
The pain of a fantasy,
Meets the taste of broken revenge.
My eyes set on her silhouette,
And my blade shall rest on his.
I'll strike more quickly than expected,
And catch him off of his guard.
She'll stand there in a shadowed horror,
As her lover is torn to bits.
My anger has reached a break,
And now she cries on the line to forever.
Out of her control, with so much she couldn't do,
And still her blame falls inward--not out.
There is nothing she would not give,
To go back in time and re-think.
Though she knows that she could not know,
What life had been planning to do.
Like a nightmare she is consumed,
Running in place to anywhere but here.
Her eyes close and she sees the man that she loved,
The man that she loved was me;
My suicide was only in my dreams,
And now dreams reach the realm of reality.
:iconnumericvalueofaheart:numericvalueofaheart 1 2

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.:it can't be helped
my heart.
it wants to believe,
it wants to keep trying,
it doesn't want to give you up.
my mind.
it knows ill never have you.
your mind.
it wants someone,
it wants to feel loved,
it doesn't want to be alone.
your heart.
it knows you can't love anyone else.
:iconorithimaya12:orithimaya12 11 8
Rose on piano by Myzzety Rose on piano :iconmyzzety:Myzzety 42 4
I Wish..
I wish..
Some-one would love me
I wish..
They really would
I wish..
Some-one would love me
If only they just could
For you see, it is not easy
When I cannot deal with trust
The pain and the betrayal
Has left a hardened crust
Upon this heart that beats so dark
The scars have left their tears
No place for me to run and hide
Away from all my fears
One day, melds with another
and leaves an empty space
No purpose in this life of mine
My dreams,  a forgotten place
I need to see the sun that shines
Within a friendly smile
To give me hope in tomorrow
and warm me for a while
For now, I must walk alone
My path an unturned page
Caught here in my today
and  stifled with my rage
I pray one day my knight will come
and take me in his arms
To soothe my inner demons
and settle all my qualms
I wish..
Some-one would love me
I wish..
They really would
I wish..
Some-one could love me
If only they just could..
:iconlacydrawers:LACYDRAWERS 57 14
Happy Lunar New Years by Kaze-Hime Happy Lunar New Years :iconkaze-hime:Kaze-Hime 7,670 358


Our debut EP is finally completed!

Check it out:

I think you guys will REALLY enjoy it so please take ten minutes and give it a bit of a listen.

If you like it please share it with your friends as well! <--- official facebook page for my band.

Thank you so much. <3


Don&#039;t Tell Anyone Anything.
Welcome to my profile. I'm "NumericValueOfAHeart" and I am an artist like you. I'm glad that you've taken the time to find your way here, and I'm sure that there's at least a couple pieces of my art that you will enjoy. I'm most known for my poetry, though if I get my hands on a camera you may see some pictures get posted. I believe strongly in expressing yourself and writing down emotions. I write a lot of hatred into my work but in reality I am just longing for more love in this world. I truly believe that that's what the world lacks, love. Please, leave me a comment or something and I promise I'll comment back.

Art is expression;
Expression is not caring about what others think about you.
Art is a savior;
A savior is something that, no matter how tough times get, will always be there.
Art is a vent;
A vent is something that saves your life when punching things and screaming into a pillow just isn't good enough for the pain.
Art is opinion,
Opinion is something that no matter what shouldn't change.
Art is love and hate,
The two emotions behind every single thing in this world.
Art is enjoyment,
Enjoyment is living every second until it's fulfilled.
Art is life.
Art is beauty.
Art is Deviant.

Now on twitter:

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Favourite genre of music: Punk/Acoustic/Posthardcore
Favourite photographer: Sean Israelson (
Operating System: Windows Vista
Personal Quote: "But I have promises I have to keep, and miles to go before I sleep. Miles to go before I sleep


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blindSubtleties Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013
The EP = Amazing..
FayetteAethelwyne Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2011
Hey, it's Katie... Lol I didn't know you had adevart account. Followingggg
:) Hey! Thanks! I'll return the fave then <3
Akhenaten-Aten Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2011
Happy Valentine's Day Nathan, I hope you are ok. Miss you xxx :hug:
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heyy.. I've just been super busy.. You should email me sometimes.. you have my email :) I kinda quit checking onto DevArt now that i work on music so much..
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I hope you are ok Nathan :hug: :rose:
Heyy<3 I'm alright. aha, for the longest time i wished i could just have girls, without the emotions, now i have that, and i wish for the emotions. I know its cliche, but, physicallity can't fill a heart. But, i've written a lot of good music lately. I'll record sometime, better than the vids. I hope you are okay, as well. (: , been a long time.
Akhenaten-Aten Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2011
I understand. They say that the first time you fall in love, it is the deepest and purest. The moment you are hurt and those illusions are shattered your heart never truly recovers. It seals itself off for the most part. I think it is tragic. If only we were not capable of hurting each other.. imagine what love could be.. for everyone.

Be patient. There is someone that will take the breath right out of you.. and nothing will stop you falling in love with them.. not even past hurt. I promise :)

I am glad to hear of your music. That is exciting news. I am certain it is beautiful! :rose:
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